After completion of my MBA, like every other postgraduate I got placed and to some extent I was satisfied. But after working for 1 year and few months, somewhere something didn’t feel good and there was an urge to do something very different. I realized those AC cubicles were not for me although I was earning a good sum, that time bound routine (9 to 9) was not made for me, I needed a free space to explore more, to satisfy my curiosity, to not just question others but also to find solutions all by myself. As I was always encouraged and supported to get the best of the best education, it always made me curious to know why do kids not get primary education when it’s their birth right. And to know about the details, to give my 100%, hoping that even 1% of it would work, I joined TFI. In other words, we need to go into depth and search by ourselves if we need answers and want to bring some change. Currently I strive for progress, not perfection. And in the process, I hope I meet learning, improvement, growth and ultimately perfection.

So, when I think of “MY WHY” to join TFI, I could write these lines..

“They ask me “My Why”,

My reason to join TFI.

Is it my dream, my goal or my passion?

Is it to bring an enormous change, or to be someone’s smile’s reason?

No! Wait, it’s my selfish motivation,

My love for kids and to grow as a selfless human!!IMG-20160720-WA0013




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