The Power of an Organization’s Aspirations Lies with its People

My journey at Teach For India begun a little over six years ago when I embarked on my own journey to fueling the system with responsible leaders. Reserved, measured, yet starry eyed, I was exposed to a host of people from diverse backgrounds when I started off as a Recruiter.

I quickly learned that while Teach For India’s aspirations are high and there are several paths to getting to one day for every child in this country, the power of this movement is in its people.

To build a collective force to reckon with, would require every single person fulfilling their inherent potential. It was in this challenge that I found my purpose. Today, as I look back at the progress we have made in the last decade, I feel proud of the people we have been able to place in our classrooms, the grit and relentlessness of our Fellows who are going an extra mile for their children, and the army of Staff members who are continuously reflecting to being able to drive learning with all those they work with.

– Tanya Arora, Director of HR and Selection

This is the fourth part of a series where 10 inspirational leaders from Teach For India share their thoughts on leadership and a decade long journey of creating education equity in India.


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