Aya Nagar MCD School in Delhi today stands as a proof point of the power of collective action. Teach For India, Genpact and United Way have collaboratively enriched the learning environment through an improvement in the school infrastructure, and by maintaining a solid relationship with the community through various community outreach programs.

The collaboration has proven to be highly effective on numerous fronts; from spreading awareness within the school and community alike on water, sanitation and hygiene to forming a fully functional School Management Committee  (A team of key stakeholders – parents, teachers, student leaders and management) who meet once a month to improve the infrastructure and cleanliness of the school. Together, they’ve reinforced the habits of garbage disposal/washroom-use in students and have also vastly improved school security –  Genpact was able to financially support the school in hiring a security guard to ensure safety of students.

Testimonials from the parties involved;

“Earlier we used to worry about our child’s safety, since strangers and animals used to enter the premises during school hours, but now in the presence of the guard we feel our children are safe in school. Also, the premises used to remain dirty the majority of the time. For this, we constantly taught and corrected children on how to use the washroom and dispose of garbage. Now, everybody goes to the washroom in a proper line and uses the dustbins kept in classes to throw away garbage. We still have a lot to work on, but I am happy that as a team we have been able to bring about some positive changes in our kids and at school.” – Neelam Yadav, SMC member

“With our constant effort we have been able to witness a mind-set change in our school staff who are now ready to support us in areas where change is required. With the support of  Genpact,United way and Teach For India, teachers are geared up to reinforce good habits in the students so that the improvements, which are being carried out in school, become sustainable rather than temporary.” – Deepanshi, Teach For India  2015 Fellow

“I am impressed by the work being done by all stakeholders in improving conditions of the school to ensure that the students should not suffer in any way. Genpact, with the help of United Way is constructing washrooms and installing RO’s to provide basic necessities to students. School teachers, TFI and SMC members are working to inculcate good habits in students. We are simultaneously working on providing a healthy learning environment to students, which is a commendable job.” – Sushila Kumari, Principal MCD Aya Nagar

“United Way Delhi got to know about Teach For India when it initiated ‘School Support Program’ in SDMC schools in Aya Nagar (2016-17). The committed and passionate fellows from Teach For India were already working with children in these schools to improve their general awareness levels, English speaking and writing skills in facilitating their holistic development. United Way Delhi was impressed by the good work being done by the Teach For India Fellows and approached them for partnership. The Teach For India Fellows  have provided significant support to United Way Delhi staff in triggering the School Management Committee at the school. Due to their continuous support, United Way Delhi has been able to work effectively with School Principals, Teachers, the School Management Committee and the parents of students. United Way Delhi expresses its gratitude to Teach For India and also looks forward to their future cooperation and support in schools where they are already working.” – Praveen Sharma, United Way Delhi.

We at Teach For India are grateful to Genpact who brought this oppourtunity to us and helped one of  our schools become a better place for students to study and grow.


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