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Rajashree Doshi shares the challenging beginnings of TFIx – an incubation program for promising entrepreneurs to scale Teach For India’s Fellowship model in semi-rural areas (TFI in a box). She reflects that the power of the collective and determination is truly striking – a lean team of two along with the support of the Teach for India family managed to create, organise and launch the program in just 10 months with 8 entrepreneurs across India soon to launch their own Fellowships in 2018!

“We are still in the nascent stage, we are learning to create support structures for sustainable Fellowships across the country, and, to make the TFIx program more than just a year-long incubation program. One of the most important goals is fostering the culture of support and sense of family in our current entrepreneurs as well as cohorts going forward.  We are committed to making the selection process an enriching experience for all. They are not competing but sharing their passion. They are not being questioned but rather understood.  We question to explore and really understand their work with respect, love and care that this is not a  competition but just a quest to find the right fit.  What is noteworthy, is that even after being ‘rejected’, some candidates realised through the process that they needed to probe more, ask these difficult questions to make their models stronger, resulting in 4 re-applications from last years rejections – they came back with stronger models!”

“We want to be rooted in our approach and remember that we are all on this journey together, that regardless of being selected into TFIx people can always reach out to us. Because if we hope to reach out the vision that one day all children will get an excellent education if anyone is reaching that one child we all need to join hands to help that effort.

Picture2 (2)Rajshree Doshi is the coach for Senior Programme Managers at Teach for India and also coaches principals of Akanksha Schools. She has worked in the field of education for almost 28 years now. Rajshree has worked with Sadhna School for differently abled children, Akanksha and ISLI. She was instrumental in the design of the Akanksha Centre curriculum and has set up youth programmes in Akanksha like Service Leadership programme and  Akanksha Teacher Fellowship.



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