Teach For India Week 2016 – Celebrating A Sense Of Possibility

Every day, millions of children around the world go to school with the hope of discovering their potential. The classroom is a space for students to learn, for ideas to grow and for building the foundation that guides good citizenry. An excellent education has the power to help people rise to the best of their abilities and lift communities and nations to greater heights.

It is this firm belief in the transformational power of education that enables over 1250 Teach For India Fellows to impact more than 45,000 children across India. We routinely witness their students overcoming barriers and learning to envision a brighter future for themselves!

One such student is Nasreen Begum. Nasreen was a lonely student with failing grades. Her single mother – a maid – was about to pull her out of school, because she believed the money for her school fees were better spent elsewhere. Nasreen’s Fellow Pratima Komimi spent an additional two hours every day tutoring Nasreen and building her personal vision and convinced her mother to keep her in school. Nasreen soon blossomed into a leader in class and her academic growth helped her qualify for a full scholarship to study at the Aga Khan Academy in Hyderabad!


Nasreen is committed to giving others exactly what she got – a chance. She comes back to her town every Saturday to teach other students and local dropouts. “The day I get a job, I will come back and give my best in developing my community. I will make sure each and every child gets the best education!” she says. She recently wrote an open letter to the Chief Minister of Telangana to implement the RTE Act. She stated, “I think children should also have the right to choose the school they want to study in. When RTE Act is implemented, kids from both rich and poor families can study in same class which will help them understand each other better. When they understand each other’s problems they will try to find a solution to make a better nation for all the people in the future.”

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In an effort to raise awareness about the need for an excellent education for all children in India and to shift the conversation to what student leaders like Nasreen are capable of when provided with the same, Teach For India is set to host Teach For India Week 2016 – a showcase of student leadership – between 5th to 9th December.

Over 40 industry stalwarts and celebrated leaders will be stepping into Teach For India classrooms across Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai & Delhi to spend an hour sharing their knowledge, wisdom and expertise with our student leaders with the hope that both will walk away from the experience absolutely inspired!

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This year, the event will welcome a diverse roster of guests: development sector leaders like Seema Bansal – Social Impact Head, Boston Consulting Group India and Gurpreet Singh Bhatia – Development Director, Amdocs; celebrities such as actor Jim Sarbh and comedian Sanjay Manaktala; corporate leaders like Varun Khaitan – COO, Urban Clap and Gunjan Soni – Marketing Head, Myntra; media leaders such as Nirmala Lakshman – Founder, The Hindu and Maya Sharma – Regional Editor, NDTV; government leaders like Shailendra Singh – Consultant, Directorate Of Education and Atishi Marlena – Advisor to the Education Minister; leaders at the forefront of technology and culture such as Vikas Chawla – Co-Founder, Social Beat and Parmesh Shahani – Head, Godrej India Culture Lab as well as celebrated artists such as T.M. Krishna and Pelva Naik.

Here’s to student leadership, to the sense of possibility that fuels it and to one day ALL children receiving an EXCELLENT education!


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