Teach For India – Post Fellowship Reflection

It’s a fine Friday evening. The weather in the Nizam’s city of Hyderabad is much more than pleasing. I am loving the sips of my bedtime tea. I want to thank every single person who has played some role -small or big – in the making of my life. I remember Dr. Seuss’s lines that Shaheen Mistry (Founder and CEO, Teach For India) introduced us to our first day of TFI training in Pune –

“Oh, the places you’ll go!”

And here I am – in Hyderabad. It has been the four best months of my life – meeting with the best people: my long distance boyfriend, my old friend cum current roommate, my most loving and caring manager, many old friends and colleagues, and the list goes on and on…

TFI Institute Pune –

It seemed an alien world to me – the first few days of TFI Institute in Pune were so overwhelming in all sense that I couldn’t really understand what is happening. Have I been reborn into another planet? How can everyone around be so mad – madly in love with each other – hugging, kissing, smiling and etc etc.. It was a huge shift from a corporate setting – boring people around, unhappy with their work and life, no appreciation, no love, empathy etc.

The 5 weeks flew by in a blink of eyes. I came back to Delhi to start my new stint of life – teach a class of 100 girls in sixth grade in a government school in one of largest urban slums of South Asia.

I had so many ups and downs in the journey that I was getting crazy. First few months were worse than the corporate – not because I had some high concepts to understand at work, but because I had to explain simple concepts in the easiest ways to a group of 100 odd girls  with different learning styles and speed. Is that even possible? Now I can laugh – because I could make that happen with the help of amazing support system available in the classroom, school, learning circles, city conferences, coffee shops etc.

At Present –

I am a proud fellow now – I can look back and say that with confidence and faith. The girls who I started teaching are turning into beautiful and responsible adults now – This is like a dream come true! The experience of a Teach For India fellowship is a life time pleasure to feel, learning to cultivate, experience to cherish and so much more.

Thank you, Teach For India, for being so beautiful lifetime companion!


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