Chalti Phirti Classes

On my journey to end education inequity, many times I have heard these phrases -"parents as partners" and "building ownership in parents". But I wonder, "What can I do about it?” It's this question that often occupied my mind; and after a series of community visits, followed by de-briefs with my co-fellow, we came up with the plan of starting "Chalti Phirti Classes (classes on the go!) - education anytime anywhere". It is our brainchild project, aimed to build ownership not only among the kids but also among the parents.

Veni; Vidi; Didici (I came, I saw, I learnt)

One of my neighbours waved at me today — which is pretty normal. What wasn’t normal was what happened next. After he waved at me, I went over to partake in obligatory small talk. The first thing he asked me was, “How are those slum kids?”, to which I said, “My students are fine, thank you.” His next statement was…