Shekhar Hariharan: From a Director at IQVIA to Becoming a Teach For India Fellow

This series will capture six Teach For India Fellow stories that exemplify it is never too late to begin creating social impact and driving sustainable change.

While most Fellows pursue the Fellowship straight out of university, these Fellows joined the journey at a later stage, harnessing their previous years of leadership within their careers in top organizations.

Shekhar Hariharan, 2017 Fellow, Bangalore

Shekhar is a Computer Engineer with two MBAs, and retired from one of the top IT companies, IQVIA, as their Director in 2016 to become a Teach For India Fellow. This enabled him to pursue his lifelong dream to be a social entrepreneur. Inclined to pursuing social work throughout his successful 20-year career, Shekhar would regularly donate and volunteer for organisations until he realised he “wanted to do more than writing cheques and volunteering”.

“My father was a self-made man – I saw the wonders education did for him. I witnessed the difference that an excellent education brought in my daughter and how it developed her so differently compared to my maid’s daughter, who is the exact same age,” said Shekhar.

Shekhar aspires to mould his Teach For India students into “self-learners” and independent thinkers. Shekhar’s ambition is to start an NGO which intervenes at the family level, encouraging an atmosphere that promotes education for a deeper and more sustained impact on alleviating educational disparity. The Teach For India Fellowship is the first step for Shekhar on his way to being a long-term change-maker in the education sector in India.

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