Pushing the Boundaries of Human Potential to Unleash a Collective Movement

Ten years ago, Teach for India set out on a mission to build a movement of leaders who will eliminate education inequity in India. Very simply put, my role is to spearhead this mission of movement building and leadership development so that all children in my region can attain an excellent education.

I take pride in the fact that we are an organization committed to excellence, to reflection and change, and that we embody an empowered collective- staff, fellows, alumni, government, non-government and corporate partners- that’s relentlessly working towards a common vision.

My role allows me the opportunity to continuously deepen and witness the power of this collective, and to unlock and push the boundaries of human potential – both my own and of our community of the most outstanding people, adults and children alike.

– Tulika Verma, City Director, Hyderabad

This is the fifth part of a series where 10 inspirational leaders from Teach For India share their thoughts on leadership and a decade long journey of creating education equity in India.


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