Overnight Reassurance

Once I set my heart on something, I will do anything and everything to achieve it. Before you start on the path, assessing the magnanimity of the work is imperative. And when this assessment reveals that you will have to start over from the most elemental level, doing which may rid you of the initial goal you had in mind, it gets to every cell in the body. Change of plans, change of styles, change of an entire system of things I had put in place.
The kids who I saw talking about values and importance of education, could not recognize letters, let alone frame sentences. It is very unfortunate that the future of this society is already facing issues because of the faults of others. I had hoped to start on a much more higher level. Only then could I have reached where I wanted to. But now, I had to start all over.
With an inner turmoil of not being sure, I stepped into the class to push their limits. I wanted to make them realize their own potential than achieve my goals. What was important, was to give them the reason. Why should they study? Why should they write? Why should they even listen to you? And I cannot give them the conventional hypocritic answers like, because you have to, because you have to get a job etc. These are the kids of the twenty first century, they can think beyond the obvious, their IQ is higher and their curiosity ever larger.
Nobody likes to work without a purpose, nobody likes to be moved without reason. The same applies to the children. With a motivating enough reason, they set out to push their brains. They wanted to achieve everything under the sun, they wanted to push every barrier in their little heads. By the end of the day, every kid who had given back a blank sheet on the previous day, filled up the entire space! A eureka moment for me. Reassured of the potential tapped in the forty bubbly kids, I now know that nothing will be an issue in my class, not mischief, not behaviour, not language barrier, nothing. I just have to make sure I give them a reason, because nothing pushes someone more than the want to do it!


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