Oh! It Was The Start – My Journey Through Institute 2016

Oh! It was the start!IMAG2362

New faces, new smiles,

New memories about to form.

Clueless in a herd,

Yet again, as normal as it may sound

Oh! It was the start!


Unaware of how deep the woods were,

It was just a hope that it would be wonderful, I swear!

The start with a colourful wheel,

With an oath of pride an joy.

Remember! All of this, simply being unaware.

A strange feeling of acceptance,IMG-20160727-WA0006

Amidst a bunch of strangers,

Oh! That feeling I tell you;

Now, I knew for sure that it was a start,

But, a start of something very beautiful.


Stories of possibilities that I heard,

A new ray of hope is what I formed;

Became a bearer of a torch,

This time a bit more aware and proud.

The path was not yet clear,

But, the destination slowly became dear,

Oh! We were now one team, with one mission and willpower.

The coming days were time to hear out new stories,IMG-20160623-WA0006

A hourney I travelled back in time, not alone but with many.

Some learning and a bit of unlearning,

New lives explored, New bonds defined,

It was time to celebrate the diversity,

And experiences that had passed.

I knew I was in the deep woods before

IMAG2418_BURST002_COVERNow, I could see those trees and hear their lore,

The songs they sang, travelled to me and my life.

We together now formed a beautiful garden,

There were trees, there were leaves and there were beautiful flowers.

Now all that we waited for were those chirping birds,

To come sing and bring joy in our world.

Oh they didn’t take too long,IMG_20160721_224238

It was as though they were only waiting;

Very soon our garden was filled,

With chorus of chirping birds flying all around.

Yes sometimes they were restless and picked on our leaves and flowers,

The garden shuddered and some leaves withered,

But, if that was autumn, spring was not far, so we waited!


With each new experience,

There sprouted a new plant;

Every new understanding of the birds,

Only made the plants in the garden more stronger.

Oh! Such long way I have travelled,

From the dark woods to a beautiful garden.

This was a journey, not very well defined,

But Magical and Profound



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