Nimita Raut: From L&T Institute of Technology to the Teach For India Fellowship

This series will capture six Teach For India Fellow stories that exemplify it is never too late to begin creating social impact and driving sustainable change.

While most Fellows pursue the Fellowship straight out of university, these Fellows joined the journey at a later stage, harnessing their previous years of leadership within their careers in top organizations.

Nimita Raut, 2018 Fellow, Mumbai

Varsha Nagar School, MPS

A Metallurgical Engineer with a gold medal in BTech, Nimita started as a lecturer at L&T Institute of Technology in 1992. The lack of zeal some of her students in the institution exhibited, despite their access to best opportunities, disappointed Nimita.

She increasingly observed the contrast of opportunities students from high-income backgrounds received viz a viz the students from low-income backgrounds. “I was talking to my student in college, and he told me he wasn’t interested in studying or becoming an engineer. Some receive numerous opportunities and an excellent education, yet they fail to value it. I realised that I need to give opportunities to those in dire need of it,” said Nimita.

This led Nimita to apply for the Teach for India Fellowship in 2017, respectfully departing L&T Institute as the Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering. Nimita was strongly supported in this decision by her family and ex-students whose lives she had changed.

Nimita passionately strives to shape her Class IX and X students into independent decision makers and wants them to assimilate well in top colleges in Mumbai. She aims to improve the quality of teaching through teacher training after her Fellowship ends by sharing vital lesson plans, content, and learning material.

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