Limited by language

The story of us, our growth, failures, challenges and triumph, are known to us not because it was some remote part of DNA or brain cells but because we have been able to read and understand the knowledge of our forefathers. Our potential and hope too, rest on this knowledge that is communicated out. What use would it have been if Einstein couldn’t have conveyed his theories to us?
Rid of sleep, rest and maybe even consciousness at times, I stood in front of almost forty eager, bubbling and over enthusiastic kids. Watching over while they immersed themselves in writing the stories of their families, I wondered if anyone could be that interested in writing, especially when their language proficiency is not up to the mark. Most of these second graders cannot even recognize the letters in the alphabet and yet, I could see them making mountains move on their papers.
It is said that writing is the highest form of understanding in humanity. It is this art that develops very slowly and when it does, you are growing an awful lot. But, do we think in any specific language? Do we lose our thoughts because of lack of words to describe them? I do not think so. Because all of us have moments when we cannot put a word to our feelings but yet know it’s there.
These little potential powerhouses had ideas dwelling in math problems, social structure, art and more. They could assimilate intricate life lessons and be curious for more. What they couldn’t do was communicate effectively. Not because they were not confident or nervous, but because they did not know what to say. Their knowledge of words hindered their thought process. Everybody believes words are mugged up, but the truth is that it’s given its meaning by the thoughts that define them. If we cannot teach our kids to communicate via words, then whatever else they have can very well be thrown into an abyss.
It’s the language that helps us build on what we already know, and building is what we are here for!


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