Job Satisfaction at Last!

It was one of those “Inside Out” moments. You know, the one where Joy realizes that Sadness almost always preceded the most powerful, strongest and happiest core memories.

There was a distinct restlessness in class today that I could not explain. And I was clearly a part of it. Now, one of the perks of being a teacher is that you are the only one in class whose outbursts are justified. After one such totally legitimate outburst, as I sat wallowing in my residual anger and sorrow, kids started reminding me why, after nearly 14 years after transitioning from a student to a working professional, I can finally say I love my job!

Sorry letters (also “litters” and “littles”) started pouring in every 10 seconds. Because, well, kids. And that too kids who are finding their expression!

The heart stealer among them was this letter and drawing from a lovely, lively boy.

I haven’t gotten over it yet. And something tells me I never will. :)

Thank you Teach For India for giving me a workplace where I’m being applauded just for showing up! Who’s the rockstar now? *wink wink*


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