#Institute2016 The transformational days! (A Poem)

Reflecting back on the first steps in our Teach for India journey, the Institute 2016, I came up with a poem to articulate the experiences and learning from the most amazing 30 days of life.

The Institute was more like the Pune weather!
It always rains here; as we always learn.
Sometimes, it drizzles and there is drops of learning.
And sometimes, combined with thunderstorms and lightning,
It flows like the sky had broken;
As we learn so much to get our limitations broken.

Just as the Pune roads got affected by the continuous rain,
Our confrontations inside the comfort zone were also affected.

We can hold an umberlla; We can wear a rain coat;
We can even prevent ourselves from going out!
But, the rain is so intense that we just can’t escape ourselves from getting wet;
Getting wet, in the rain of learning!

The Fellowship journey is all about finding our own light;
Like how a bounded body along with a boundless mind trying to find the purpose of its soul.

At Institute, we get a lot of experiences both internally and externally,
And yes, rain and sunlight are always interesting combinations together.

I looked at my mirror and checked whether my hair is properly aligned on my head;
That’s life before Insti.

I look at my own mirror, and check whether my thoughts and purpose are properly aligned to my purpose.
That’s life after Insti, understanding the important of strong reflections.

I looked at people around me and thought they will only hear what they love to hear.
That’s life before Insti.

I look and observe others, and learned to give and receive feedbacks for mutual improvement.
That’s life after Insti, understanding the importance of building relationships.

Leadership is not a genetic quality; No one is a born leader.
But, leadersĀ are those who push themselves and others with conscious efforts.
After exposed to such an environment and culture of Institute, if we think
We push ourselves and others along with us to a slightest extent,
Then undoubtedly, we are ON THE PATH of leadership!

My dream when I came to Insti, was to provide excellent education to students!
But, as time goes in the summer school, experiencing the unconditional love of children,
I thought I should learn a lot from them!
Teaching is leadership; And absolutely, teaching is learning!

Life at Institute is too difficult!
Travel for 4 hours, School for 5 hours
Sleep for 6 hours (rarely)
It looks like it is humanly impossible!
But, after being there for 4 weeks,
These difficulties cultivated into our habits!
We are no more humans; but super humans or super heroes.

When I stepped into flame on Day 1, I was 21 year adult open to good experiences;
And when I stepped outside DSK on Day 31, I was more like a new born baby open to anything in life.
Just like the distance from Flame to DSK, the learning that we coveredĀ is so much!

Being ideal is being powerful was my earlier thought of life.
After the Institute, I realized being ideal is being in our best self is,
Leveraging our strengths and working upon AODs with conscious efforts.

Similar to how they say,
Every fellowship is a unique experience;
Every person I met at Insti are so unique!
But, all of us shared a common vision and commitment;
All of us wished to improve our own self.
All of us challenged the status quo.
And all of us believed in making a change!

There is a huge shift from ‘I’ to ‘We’ and then from ‘We’ to ‘All’ during the process of Institute.
Let’s do what it takes for our children;
Let’s do what it takes for our community;
Let’s do what is takes for our country;
Let’s do what it takes for our commitments;
And, let’s do what it takes for us, for our journey to find our light!



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