I never thought

I never thought I’ll be waking up at 5:30 a.m. for work,
I never thought I’ll be traveling in 8 seater autos,
I never thought my way to work will involve walking through tiny lanes while dodging cows,
I never thought the view from my work place will be of people bathing in the open,
I never thought I’ll be visiting houses which get over as soon as they start,
I never thought I’ll be talking to complete strangers about their life,
I never thought I’ll experience stories of violence so closely.
And I never thought that in spite of all this,  each day I will wake up-
Looking forward to ‘work’.
Looking forward to so many sparkly eyes and shy smiles,
Looking forward to inspire and get inspired,
Looking forward to teach and learn,
Looking forward to listen and be heard,
Looking forward to laughter and tears,
Looking forward to punishments and celebrations,
Looking forward to the silence and the chaos,
Looking forward to unapologetic dreams and the willingness to grow,
Most importantly, looking forward to change and a little more change.



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