I Have a Dream

I have a dream of an India free from education inequality.

And it often feels like a perfect world, the kind I want, awaiting my arrival.
And, may be, what I do today, is leading me towards it, every night, step by step.

But that dream is nowhere close.
It may also crash when I am just about to get there.
Or it may not even stand all the trying times before.

But the mere thought of its presence, is shaping me into a person I am willing and wishing to become.

That dream is an inspiring myth.

I am okay with being fooled by it at a later point in time, for it is only making me richer by the day.

It has gifted me mess, a beautiful mess.

If you ask me to shake myself and come out of this impossible thought, I am not sure if I will ever speak to you.
If you ask me to leave it all behind, and rationalise the present, I am not sure if I will ever ask about you.
And if you ask me to stop believing in the dream, I will certainly destroy you in my head, a little more than million times.

This dream, to me, is a horizon that makes my voyage never ending.

Yes, I want to escape safe lands.
Yes, I do not want to be spared by wars.

I so do not wish to test the waters, but to create waves in the sea.

And if you share the same dream as mine, I see many kids being led to home, a happy home far far away, found within themselves.


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