How Collective Leadership can Fuel a Movement for Education Equity

I believe that the education crisis is a wicked systems problem and solving it will require an extremely diverse set of skills, perspectives and experiences. This journey will require the most driven thinkers and doers bringing cross-vertical and interdisciplinary skills to the table. My role pushes me to have these conversations with our Fellows and our Alumni, with government bodies at central, state and city level, with head of schools and corporate organisations, and last, but perhaps most importantly, with students, on how we can reimagine the problem to reimagine the solution. I feel proud that I get to play a small part in creating this big shift in the Delhi region.

10 years ago, Teach For India embarked on a mission to build a movement of leaders to end educational inequity in India. In these 10 years, we have changed. We have grown. We have failed, we have learned. And we have innovated. Yet we are rooted, wholly and solely, in the vision that one day all children will receive an excellent education. I feel proud to work at Teach For India because we have deeply-held values, yet we are nimble and ever-changing.

– Aakanksha Gulati, City Director, Delhi

This is the first part of a series where 10 inspirational leaders from Teach For India share their thoughts on leadership and a decade long journey of creating education equity in India.

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