How a Leadership Movement Can Change an Idea to a Concrete Vision

With Teach For India, what started out as an idea or a hope, has now become a movement cutting across the length and breadth of the country, with a vision of giving the children of this nation an excellent education. Ten years seems like a lifetime when we look back, but it is the beginning of a long journey that will continue to unfold.

I am proud of the fact that my actions contribute to not only finding capable and committed people to take up a challenge for two years, thereby making the lives of the students they teach better. They also shape their own leadership journeys which fundamentally transforms their lives.

Leadership is a quest to finding purpose in everything one does, and the courage to do whatever it takes in service of that vision.

– Shyaam Subramanian, Chief Program Officer

This is the third part of a series where 10 inspirational leaders from Teach For India share their thoughts on leadership and a decade long journey of creating education equity in India.


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