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In one of my previous posts I have written about Chalti Phirti Classes.
6 months in the fellowship I can see the heights where these classes can take our girls.

Our role is shifting day by day. From being an educator, now we are resource providers and advisors and after some time we want to acquire the role of facilitators.

Chalti Phirti Classes will soon become a class of the kids, by the kids, for the kids.


You can see Rismha Khatun(R.K.) teaching grammar to the kids.

Our girls will learn the importance of:
Team work
Being humble
Taking charge

Our girls will develop:
Teaching skills
Leadership skills

I am not writing the above lines without any proof.

From 1st December 2015 my cofellow encouraged kids to start taking ownership of their studies and help each other by teaching in extra classes. Subject volunteers were selected based upon their marks and commitment in that subject.

Then the unexpected started. Girls started taking extra classes at Ritika’s place, then at Bhawan’s and the list is long and venues are being added while I am writing this post.

Their marks have shown a sudden jump and they have started to take interest in their studies. These girls are now entering in a scenario we called as healthy competition

We dream of a day when kids were excited to go home and work hard to organize extra classes irrespective of their family background. I am confident about this dream because I have already experienced it.

Bhawana lives in a very small house with one room, that room acts as their living room, kitchen, bedroom or any other rooms an affluent family have. Yet she and her whole family come together to organize and support Chalti Phirti Classes.


R.K. and Bhawana Sharma teaching kids at Bhawana’s place

As we say folks that The brightest kid comes from the toughest background. We have plenty of examples in our class, where kids are fighting their circumstances to achieve the glory.

We hope that our small effort will help these girls to achieve their dreams.

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