Govind: What I Signed up for

Govind- First day I entered in the class and saw the hyperactive person there. I asked him to sit down…but he was not with me…… I asked him again and again…but he was in his own world.
Next day…. I asked him politely… Govind Please sit down…but result was the same.

Third day I lost my patience and i shouted at him…don’t you know how to sit…sit down…. He said “no didi I don’t know”. Then other fellow mates of Govind gave me the golden advice which their previous teacher’s used to follow… “Didi take this stick, beat him with this and make him sit separately…he will be quiet and will sit in his seat”.
I was sure…this is not my way to make him learn.
This is not what I want for him. I made him sit with other kids, I scolded him, asked him in different ways. Weeks passed by but nothing worked. My second home visit was his home. I still remember how scared I was to go to his place. I thought If the kid is like this how will be the atmosphere at home.
But the Teacher inside me told me…. Its what you signed up for…its what you will do for yourself….For Govind somewhere.
I went….As few of my judgments were right also…. His parents were not invested in him,His elder sister left school when she was in 7th standard just because they didn’t got her TC from her previous school.
His elder sister…very bright in studies because she loves studying.
His younger sister is such an innocent one…never met anyone like her in my whole life.
Unable to figure out what is wrong with him..Then it stuck me..He is the only child so he got a lot of pampering.
But is this the only reason why he is the way he is.
Then after a month I started my extra classes only for my lower order kids.
Govind also used to come…one thing I noticed. Govind was a regular student. He never used to take holidays. I wished in first 2 weeks, Please God not Govind today.
So he was regular in extra classes too….then I realized He didn’t even recognize alphabets.I realized soon that he needs your 100% attention otherwise he will be in his own self,Short concentration span of mind and more of hyperactive energy.
In extra classes…to do justice with other kids…. I asked Govind’s mom to bring him a little early…now only me and Govind are there in the class….. having tried a lot of things….my expectations started to rise..and one day when he was reading ‘h’ as ‘u’, ‘v’…. I busted out on him and there was the first time he cried….he broke down….and he said “Mujhe nahi aata didi”. Then I made a promise to myself… “I’ll be polite to this kid and try to understand him more”. We had a good talk that day….then weeks passed by and after a month……one day he surprised me…. “Didi mujhe bhi ek book do na padhne ko”…seriously….. you wanna read??….U will read??…. YES!! this is what Govind said…I never felt so happy!!

I am not saying he is not hyperactive now…I am not saying he is not naughty and loud….but yeah….now he wants to learn because he wants to make me happy…his parents happy and wants to show others that he is not a bad Human being.

Thanks Govind for making me proud and teaching me what self respect is, how small changes in your thoughts and actions can change the perception of others about you and you again gain your dignity.


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