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Priyanka Speaking at Teach For All Conference in Bulgaria
Priyanka, Speaking at Teach For All Conference in Bulgaria

Central to all of our impact at Teach For India is student leadership. We aim to develop student leaders who understand the power of transformational change both in themselves and their role in helping to positively change their community. Our belief is that the integration of academics, values and mindsets and exposure and access builds student leaders.

Maya is our symbol of student leadership. Conceptualised as a journey of finding each child’s potential, Maya 1.0 took a group of 30 children on a transformational journey of living the values of courage, compassion and wisdom, culminating in the extraordinary musical Maya, in partnership with artists on Broadway. Today, Maya 3.0 continues the journey of studying how to develop student leadership, with groups of Maya children experimenting in our 7 Teach For India cities.

Priyanka is the embodiment of an exceptional student leader.

She was born and raised in a low-income community in Pune, a community famished for opportunities. At age 13, she was invited to join the cast of Teach For India’s student-led production of Maya, the Musical. Little did she know that this was an invitation that would transform her life, and would unlock the limitless opportunities that she would weave for herself. Following her star role in Maya the Musical, she was one of four Teach For India students who received full scholarships to the United World College in Pune, Armenia and Italy. Priyanka has been an example of just how much potential our students have, given the right opportunities.

Over the last year Priyanka has gone from strength to strength- she conducted a session with the heads of Maharashtra State Government education machinery. She pioneered and organized a tremendous 10-day internship for students from around the world, to live in her home and teach students in various schools in and around her low-income community in Pune. The purpose of this internship was to create a platform for young individuals to experience a different reality and to share their stories, skills and learnings with children who are often left behind due to under-privileged family background. Most recently, she has been a bright spot in Teach For All’s 1000 student leaders campaign and was invited to speak at its Annual Global Conference in Bulgaria. Last week, she was one of six inspiring students from around the world, sharing their leadership journeys, and reminding us that while they have the opportunity for their voices to be heard, so many children across the globe with equally compelling stories remain voiceless.

Watch the video of this remarkable young speaker telling her story of how she found her light.

We are so excited to see what else is in store for this bright star in the future!


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