Recently, Teach for India Fellows at Chennai got together to host a sports cum cultural event for children in ALL Teach for India classrooms across Chennai. We called the three-day event as Chennai Students Kondattam, or CSK and we saw about 3000 students actively taking part in a variety of competitions such as 100m dash, 3-stop race, Rangoli, Drawing, Fancy Dress, Creative Writing, Spelling bee, Sudoku, Dance and Singing to name a few!

Here is what I felt at the end of Day 2 of the event!


As my eyes are closing and I’m drifting into sleep,

My mind’s eye has decided to take a tiny peep-

Into the events of the day.

Do listen to what I have to say!


Surreal as it was,

I want to take a quick pause,

And let the long, tiring day sink in,

Even as my mind struggles to keep away the din!


Excited children finding their way around,

Some in classrooms, some in halls and some on the ground.

Teachers running around to make sure things don’t fall apart,

And marveling at how things miraculously went as per the chart!


Lovely little children winning many a mighty event,

Energy-filled enthusiasts cheering their school from the tent,

It all added to the festive air-

To the joyful celebration of childhood!


Even as the day comes to an end,

I can only think of many a helpful friend,

Who made the day go by smoothly,

And that makes me want to get up cheerfully,

And watch over and help out

As the youngest of the lot

Have the time of their lives the next day!




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