Biggest surprise: LoA

It was Day 1 of school after summer break.

To set the routine, I woke up early, prepared breakfast, got ready and went to the school with as little expectations in my mind. A day before I came back from Home, not in a very peaceful state. Certainly, I was missing Home.

The moment I entered the school gate, I saw the assembly ground where my students were standing and waiting for me. All of them except one came running to me with joy in their eyes. That one particular kid, Lalita, was standing beside a lady who I had never seen before. I went up to ask who she was and I got to know that she was her mother. I knew that she had been staying away since 6 years. She then told me that she came back because I had requested her husband to resolve the issues and come back to the child who needed her the most.

Well, I cannot possibly express the ecstasy I felt in that moment. It was a feeling of pride mixed with a sense of motivation. Probably the best thing I have achieved till now.

A friend of mine explained to me the Law of Attraction when I was missing my mother. Nobody then knew that it would turn out this way.  

It is definitely something that will keep me going for long!


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