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Being a teacher is so challenging and strenuous, I would not have realized it if I was not a part of the Teach For India Fellowship program. I have started my journey as a Fellow with 49 beautiful girls studying in Grade 6th of a Government Girls Secondary School located at Kalkaji, New Delhi.

I remember the day I stepped into my class with 49 pairs of gleaming eyes at me making me feel a bit nervous, but then it was they who welcomed me wholeheartedly. “Will I be able to do justice with them as a teacher?” was the question running through my mind. When I started connecting to them, I believe I found the answer.

This is how I learned my first lesson as a teacher: when you step out to bring a change, there will be a huge support system around you in the movement. It all depends on how you use that support system to bring that change which you aim for.

It has been just a week since I started teaching them and I have already learned a lot from the kids, the other fellows and the school family. I am sure many challenges, experiences and learnings are coming my way in this two-year long Leadership journey, and I am ready to embrace it.

The past one week had been fruitful wherein I tried to build relationships with the kids and other stakeholders, help the kids to gain some knowledge and learn skills, let them think creative and express their views. Most importantly, I tried to keep them happy as I think that a kid should always be happy and satisfied when they leave the school premises.

Here are a few pictures from the class, Story Book Designing Workshop and Mega Parent Teacher Meeting from the last week.

The classroom needed a few of these charts, passes and a feedback box so that students could express, participate, feel free to ask and be disciplined.

The kids are very creative and they love to draw, so I ended up doing a Story Book Designing workshop with them that they enjoyed a lot. This workshop let the kids think of creative stories, enhance their drawing and writing skills, and learn how teamwork plays an important role while learning with time constraints. I have already done a few of these workshops with the low-fee private school kids in parts of rural Bihar with the help of an organization called as Happy Horizons Trust. I realized that this workshop would be of great help for my kids here to let them bring out the best talents in them.

I believe Teach For India has not just given me a reason to teach, be a part of the movement but also has given me a platform where I can be myself, explore the ideas burning in me, use the past experience, take ownership, be a reflective person and try to bring out the leader in me.

Lastly, the Mega Parent Teacher Meeting was a huge success for our class where the parents of 80 percent kids turned up and was a great opportunity for me to build relationships with them along with the kids.

I believe that happiness comes when your work is of benefit to others in need and yourself. With this thought, I move ahead to second week of teaching with many goals for my kids.


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