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Ananya Damodaran

Ananya Damodaran - 3 posts

Intern, National Communications Team


Kalindi - 3 posts

After having worked in IT Industry for 12 years and still wondering how I was making a difference to people, I finally found my way to Teach For India. And now through my 26 second graders, I hope to find my light and help them shine theirs.

Suraj Katra - 3 posts

Leena Bhattacharya

Leena Bhattacharya - 3 posts

Anshumaan Goel

Anshumaan Goel - 2 posts

Hi, I am an Electronics & Communication Engineer from Delhi who used to work in Samsung Electronics in Korea and Delhi. I wanted to make a real impact in the society and that's why I enrolled myself in a fellowship at one of the most prestigious and hallowed organisations of the country-Teach For India. Finally, I am getting to know myself better. :)

Zeashan Ashraf

Zeashan Ashraf - 2 posts

Happy to be here! I was a 2014 fellow and my kids probably taught me a lot more than I taught them. Currently working with the Pune Development and Communications team. Obsessed with independent British music... and oreos.

Ruchi Anand - 2 posts

Athul John - 2 posts

Priya Joshi

Priya Joshi - 2 posts