Arvind Kumar: From a Managerial Role at Sansera Engineering to the Teach For India Fellowship

This series will capture six Teach For India Fellow stories that exemplify it is never too late to begin creating social impact and driving sustainable change.

While most Fellows pursue the Fellowship straight out of university, these Fellows joined the journey at a later stage, harnessing their previous years of leadership within their careers in top organizations.

Arvind Kumar, 2017 Fellow, Hyderabad
Apricot High School


Arvind is an MBA and a former Senior Manager at Sansera Engineering in Bangalore, whose role extensively involved training employees throughout his career. Over the years, his training and articulation skills impressed many, but when Arvind’s son told him that he taught Math better than teachers at his school, it struck a chord with Arvind and opened his eyes to the shortcomings of the education sector.

Arvind decided to quit his job in 2016 and applied for the Teach For India Fellowship, which he hopes will catapult him to bring sustainable change to the system. Upon noticing that Class VI students could not comfortably read a Class II passage, he realised the lack of quality education in teaching comprehension abilities.

“I want to build a strong base for the Fifth and Sixth graders and want them to be fearless in asking questions,” said Arvind, expressing his desire to contribute to setting up a curriculum which strengthens the foundations of students for future grades. “I felt the happiness I can’t even express when one of my students told me that he wants to be a teacher like me one day,” says Arvind, calling the Fellowship an extremely rewarding experience

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