And so it begins…

12 PM. 3rd May 2017. Pune junction. We’re finally here. We get down from the train, wondering how the weather was going to be. We had been warned that it was going to be unbearably hot. But the noon sun in Pune turns out to be rather pleasant.
    A little haggling with an auto wala, a short ride through Pune’s busy (and green) streets, and we’re at our rendezvous point for our shuttle. We’re met by our very gracious cabbie, and are finally on our way to Insti !
 FLAME University turns out to be this scenic campus (more on that soon) in the middle of an arid mountainscape. After being briefed on the day activities (registering, and getting settled in, mostly), we’re off to a sumptuous lunch 😃
    Later, while we’re in the middle of the registration process, it begins to finally sink in. I’m here, finally, at TFI. All the hopes and fears that run through my head in the last few months will meet reality here, as will the many plans and discussions we 17ers have had. Our fellowship has truly begun.
    As the day winds down, the campus turns calm: the pond and the tree laned paths create an air of sereneness over a campus that seemed so bustling by day. A few of us walk around exploring the campus, discussing and debating over our ideas on education, and wondering aloud about how the next few days and months would be.
    And as we walk back to our hostels, I realize that I’ve been excited, nervous, confident, confused, happy, anxious, felt at home, and felt a bout of imposter syndrome – all on the same day!
    But as I look to the coming days with this odd combination of excitement and fear, there is one feeling that calms me with it’s absolute certainty: I am truly glad I am here!


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