An experience for life…

I entered hoping I will teach the kids, but soon I realized I am being taught by them every single day. While I did expect some affection from the kids whom I will teach but, in my wildest dreams I didn’t imagine to get as much love, care and understanding from them as I get today.
Today after almost two years when I see me and my kids I feel proud and content. The faith in all the values is restored when I see the kids dedication, hard work and courage. A day in a classroom is no less than a roller coaster ride where I get to experience many emotions. The growth I see in myself and the kids make me believe that there is no age to learn. My classroom is a learning platform to both kids and me. While teaching the kids using different methods, I develop I CAN attitude. Every lesson makes me more aware about myself. The classes kids attend like sports, music e.t.c give me a chance to hone my own skills which were always been hidden and unnoticed my me.
I want to live every minute of it and my kids are my asset. They are my best friends with whom I could be me. The cards I get with all praising words written about me in the form of poetry rejuvenate me for the day. Being a teacher is an experience and learning for life, and probably the best thing that has happened to me


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