Adopt A Classroom: Initiative by Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi

“Extremely tired, but incredibly happy” – that’s how we all were feeling while coming back from a trip to IIT-Delhi on 19th Feb’ 16 on the opening day of “Parivartan- 2016″. An idea struck us, when Rohit, a student of DMS (Delhi Management Studies), IIT-Delhi, volunteered in our class in the month of December’15. Only a month spent with kids got him tied with them in such a deep bond that we thought of leveraging this relationship and give kids exposure that can help them dream bigger in their lives.

Rohit connected us with “Akanksha – Education For All”, and brought Pawan to visit our classroom to plan the D-day. Our kids were so excited about this trip that I easily used this as their incentive for homework and behaviour management for days to come. ;-)

It was difficult to get 96 kids (that’s our class strength) for a field trip. We had to select only about 40 that could easily be accommodated. Well, the incentives worked out nicely, and kids who wanted those really badly left no stone unturned to make this happen. And indeed they were part of our finalists. :-)

Journey Started:

We boarded the bus right after the school hours. The voyage from Sangam Vihar to IIT itself cheered students enough. On reaching the IIT campus, my job as teacher was over. The students of DMS were so nice and responsible that I hardly needed to worry anymore. The warmth and care was unparalleled!

Visit to Textile Lab and Central Workshop –

Kids got the chance to visit the textile labs, where they saw the making of clothes in all stages. The lab in-charge and assistants were amazed by the increasing rigour in the questions made by them.

The next was the visit to a mechanical engineering lab, where they got to see the different stages of racing cars made by the engineering graduates from 1st year to final year. It was another interesting and informative session.

Kids, however, were earnestly looking forward to the performances they had prepared for IIT people- a group dance and a skit. The next was the time for them to showcase their talents at this campus!

Group Performances:

After the lab visits, kids got the refreshment at the canteen. It took away all the fatigue that was caused from attending full-school and lab-sessions. A bunch of 40 little hearts, all recharged and refreshed, got ready to rock the stage!

Noor,13 years and Ashmita, 11 years kicked off the event and called upon the stage skit-team:”A Boy And A Drum”. The audience was amazed by their fluency of language, command on voice, memorizing of scenes and dialogues, and so much more. The next performance was a group dance, which was on medley of songs, picturing a beautiful journey of a girl child from fear to freedom. The performance was so touchy that it left everyone, including me, spellbound.

Talk by External Speaker:

The next was a session by Ritesh Singh, an ex-IITian and founder of Eckovation, to motivate kids to plan meaningful life and career. He had a very interactive discussion with kids, in which they told him how badly they want to study further.


The wonderful team of Akanksha and Parivartan presented me and my co-fellow- Ankit Bansal, a beautiful memento at the end of the program. It was very nice and thoughtful of them. I feel so grateful to them for this act of graciousness!

After a long day of producing and consuming of beautiful experiences, kids got to do an amazing coloring activity at the end. They got paints, brush and chart-sheets to imagine whatever they can and let all come out on a piece of paper!

We didn’t realize when the time to go back came, and we had to leave the campus. Kids kept telling me that it was the best trip of their life so far, and I kept smiling and smiling.

I feel incredibly proud of being their teacher today –  the warmth and satisfaction that I receive is much more than what I give them everyday. IIT-Delhi adopted our classroom for one day, and that one day has made them feel special for now, and forever!

I am also extremely thankful to the entire team of Akanksha and Parivartan 2016 for taking this brilliant initiative and making us feel special in every possible way.

Hope to see this initiative inspiring many other colleges, corporations and individuals…

With belief: “One day all children will get excellent education”,






You post explain everything in detail and it was very interesting to read. Thank you.




It’s really nice initiative swati. I too had the same experience at MIT-chennai while I am in 10th.


Swati Agarwal

Swati Agarwal

Wow, that sounds great! :) What was it about?

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