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It was another great morning for the teacher in me. Composed and content, I finished my breakfast very fast, and left early for my school. For two main reasons: first- we had a PTM (parents-teachers-meeting) and second – we were to receive a team of XYZ, Gurgaon for they were donating our classroom amazing stationery and books. Me and my co-fellow were excited to welcome parents and team-XYZ for their bounteousness.

Simran, 9 years, was waiting for me anxiously at the doorstep, as I was stepping to my classroom. Her teary eyes gave me indication that her parents are not going to come up as always. I told her “Don’t worry! as long as Didi (I) is here, it doesn’t matter if your mother could not make up!” In a moment she cheered up with that line of mine, and went back flaunting her salwar-suit.

Sapna, 11 years, was deeply perturbed because she knew her step-mother wouldn’t come to the PTM. She has lost her mother a few years back, and often cries in classroom on missing her. To our surprise, her both parents showed up on time and attended PTM with fervor and interest. Her excitement knew no bounds then onwards! I loved that broad smile in her slender face which I had not seen in months.

This was our first so successful PTM in last six months. We had requisitioned both mother and father of each kid to attend this PTM. The attendance of kids and parents was astonishingly high and many parents showed up in couple! The energy in the air gets different when both your parents sit together and talk to you about your problems, dreams, moments of happiness etc. We managed to show some dance, song and poetry performances by kids in front of their parents. Apart from this, we continued to tell parents to send their kids everyday to school, make sure the kids do their homework, and work hard to improve their subject knowledge etc.

In the meantime, the team Accenture also showed up. A friend of ours, Gautam, who works in an MNC in Gurgaon managed to get funds for our classroom and bought study material for kids. Because of his dedication to support our class in some way, he not only personally worked but also involved his organization in this journey. Being from corporate background, I have myself earlier tried to get more corporates interested into social sectors, but couldn’t achieve any milestone success. A monthly-team-outing that costs more than tens of thousands of bucks to even small companies can alternatively help in uplifting standards of a classroom in India every once in awhile.

I am immensely thankful to our friend and his organization for taking this great initiative. It sets an example for every individual and corporate to go beyond their “comfort zone”, renounce a booze-party, and turn your wheels to other parts of city where future of your country is being written by tiny hands.

This one day experience made me think “what if every self-sufficient individual (in the world) adopts one classroom, it could do miracles!!”. Just like Narendra Modi’s campaign of “adopting a village” where eminent personalities from corporate, sports and Parliament came forward and helped a village in its development, an education campaign that connects each individual on earth with education is the need of the hour.

This might not be the only solution to bridge the gap of education inequity, but as Modi Ji said in one of his interviews, “We want to see whether we can bring change through public participation … I am not claiming that I will change the situation all of a sudden…This schemes is not the ultimate. Changes and improvement will come in this with the passage of time”, we can similarly hope for better in education sector as well.

Well then, hope to see more classrooms getting adopted in coming time! #AdoptaClassroom


A teacher



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