A Small Act of Appreciation Gave a Mountain of Happiness.

It was Republic Day Celebration today, Flag hoisting, speeches, performances, cheerings happened, all the other classes went back home, but we decided to keep the kids back for a while to prepare them for the upcoming competitive events.

We had sent the non participant kids home, and we’re working with theĀ participants. Meanwhile we get a call from one of the guardian asking which of us is a vegetarian and which of us is a non vegetarian, we were curious about the enquiry butĀ as we were busy with the preparation as well we took it to be one of those mischiefs our kids keep doing, we didn’t pay much attention to that and gave the answer.

After a while the two boys Kaleelullah and Samiullah (non participants) came to school, accompanied by their aunt (who is their guardian).


She came with a bag full of some shiny packets and tried to hand it over to us, we asked about the content and why was she presenting it to us. She genuinely smiled and said we made dishes for you, we tried to do that during festivals but as the school stays close and you all live too far we were unable to send food for you all, but today we got the right opportunity so we made lunch.

We tried to tell her that she should not have taken such pain in cooking for us, that’s when those few words came out of her mouth, “Madam, the work that you do for our kids, the way you take care of them , we can’t expect any other teacher to do so. Moreover, we are more than grateful to you for taking care of the kids in all the possible ways”.

To this I replied, ” Madam, we don’t do this just for the sake of the kids, it gives us happiness”. ” If you are happy to teach them then my happiness will lie in your acceptance of the meal” I had nothing more to say after this but just a nod of head with a smile on my lips and accepted the humble appreciation from the beautiful lady.

After she went I opened the packets laid the lunch on a desk and invited all those who had not brought their lunch and we’re hungry. We sat together and enjoyed the most delicious meal of my life: Biriyani, curd onions , something with brinjals, bread halwa, and last but not the least, a lot of love.

Probably the happiest Republic Day.


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