A Perfect Bite Cooking Studio: A Perfect Approach to Learning!

At the outset, we would like to thank Srini Swaminathan (Teach For India Alumnus), because of whom we got an opportunity to connect with Rushina Munshaw Ghidiyal, an enthusiastic and witty lady who has her own cook studio quite aptly named “A Perfect Bite Cook Studio”. It was at this very same cooking studio that yearlong cooking workshops were held to make our students aware of opportunities in the culinary world and learning through culinary activities. This initiative began on the 3rd anniversary of APB Studios!


APB cook studio at Saki Naka is a one of its kind cooking studio in Mumbai. A meticulous kitchen which has new age kitchen interiors and enough cooking stations to keep 12-14 people busy experimenting with different cuisines at any given point of time.



Initially, 40-odd kids from a school in Dharavi participated in the preliminary round in batches of 20 each. The purpose was to give them a glimpse into the culinary world. Not only did they make pocket pizzas in groups and learn the science behind it, but they also got a sneak peek into the various career opportunities in the food industry.

Our hostess, Mrs. Rushina, was very supportive and welcoming. The entire staff made sure our kids were comfortable, as they guided them while they were making pizzas, answered all their curiosity with lots of patience and made them feel at home.


After the initial visit, 13 students were selected for a monthly workshop to be held at the studio. These kids showed zeal for cooking and were excited to learn and be part of these workshops. The sessions that followed had a mix of learning Math, History, Chemistry, Geography, Nutrition and Hygiene through cooking.


Rushina designed these sessions with a dash of brilliance and meticulousness as she helped kids explore the culinary world. She reached out to prestigious personalities of the cooking world to come and do workshops with our students. Our students got an opportunity to meet and learn from chocolatier Varun Inamdar, food archaeologist-caterer Kurush Dalal, Rushina’s husband Shekhar Ghidiyal and the icing on the cake was meeting Michelin star chef Ranveer Brar.


Students learned about the Mughals while making Biryani, they learned about nutrition and food pyramid while engaging themselves in making healthy sprout bhel, they learned about fermentations and various chemical reactions while making bread and pizzas and about ratios while making bread.


It was a great learning experience for them and has made them aware of the importance of good hygienic food. This has been truly inspiring and a learning experience for all our students. Many of them help their parents on a daily basis in the kitchen and try making new dishes at home. The 13 students who got selected for these workshops have another avenue to look forward to as a career option, post these workshops. They had a wonderful time at the studio learning from all these talented and wonderful people. We feel fortunate to have been part of this and enabling this for our kids.


Amused by the success and impact of these workshops on the students, Rushina has continued it for this academic year as well. This time, it will be much more elaborative cooking stint and surely much more fun!

Cheers to “APB Cook Studio”, it indeed is the perfect bite in more ways than one!!


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