84hours, 10minutes and some seconds


Yes, here at TFI even the seconds exists; the place where every hour, every minute and every second you feel your presence in the world.

On the first day when I arrived for the registration, I was a little confused, a little excited and very nervous. But one thing that I knew was I wanted this, even I want it now though I am not sure about the next couple of months. But for now, the big picture is really clear.

Overwhelming and out of breath, these two words define my first day at institute. For a moment I questioned myself “can you do this?” And my heart answered “give it a try”.

With my “iron deficit” body and trembling “vitamin D less” bones, I woke up next day at 6 , fully excited and looking forward to the next thing. Started with Shaheen’s motivating session and ended with little bewildered reflection, the day was just an emotional rollercoaster for me. My severely depressed brain dragged me to that gloomy shell again. Then I closed my eyes and thought about just one take away “this little light of mine , I am gonna let it shine”. And I went to bed with this thought.

After my longest day of life and shortest night , I woke up next day a little late. Worriedly and hurriedly , I skipped breakfast and directly went for the session. The energy I had that day was just tremendous. I had no clear idea, was it the iron supplements or the experience I was gaining every second in institute. Through out day the I was the most active and interacting. It was a surprise for my introvert personality. I was “on the path” of making really good friends. Today’s take  away was “my favorite color hat” – optimism and sense of possibility.

The next morning started with delicious maharashtrian breakfast. Excited and confident I was cheerful throughout the day. My bones​ no more trembled and iron deficiency no more​ played with my body.

The day ended with introduction to my Pune parivar and the Pune chant. Now it’s going to be more difficult and challenging. But I am ready with today’s take away which is my poem that I wrote in 1 minute during one of the activity:

“I stand for the right, without fear I fight   I might go slow, but I just want to grow”

Ended with posing for some staff members, this day just flew like another day. Wrapping excitement around me I went to the bed and wrote this piece of blog because now I know TFI is a place where I can spend time rediscovering my hobbies of writing, art, reading, “singing” , traveling and meeting new people, story telling, science, and many more. And one day ending up rediscovering myself emerging from that gloomy shell. :)


My first take away ;)



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