The Little Things That Matter The Most

“We have sent the proposal to Parel. It won’t be ready until July. Adjust for one month.”

I felt this sinking feeling inside. I was expecting something of this sort to happen, but I had still been hopeful. By the end of the day, I realized the gravity of the situation.

We weren’t shifting to the new school anytime soon. We were going to be stuck teaching both the 9th and 10th grades in one dingy classroom in Kala Killa Municipal School for the next month. All the negative points of the class, the school, my kids, my decision to join the fellowship, whizzed through my mind.

I had vowed not to let school stuff depress me anymore. I struggled through March and April with one thought in my mind. ‘We won’t be here for much longer.’ All of us were eagerly waiting to go to the new school. And the thoughts of going back to the same stinky corridors and dark classrooms without benches, and pigeons flying around, and the kids not being invested and copying, and not getting along and not learning were making me question everything.

It was the 9th of June. My unit plan had to be changed as we couldn’t start school on the 1st of June as planned since we did not get permission to use the school. All the charts I had made in the holidays were a waste because we had nowhere to hang them. All the books I had collected over the holidays would stay in boxes under my bed as we had no space to store them in the old school. One more month of ‘adjusting’. One more month of chaos. One more month of cramming everyone in the tiny community centre. But will it be just one more month?

And then it was the 15th of June, officially the first day of school. The thought of meeting the kids after a month, was what helped me wake up at an ungodly hour in the morning and rush to school. As I entered the gates I saw some of them waiting there, broad smiles on their faces as soon as they saw me!

There were 30 kids in class, all looking up at me with bright smiles and trusting faces. I watched them laugh and share vacation stories, and be excited about school in spite of the all the problems we face. And I knew that we would be alright.


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