All around the country, the Maya children have culminated their journey for the last year, ending with various performances and retreats to cull out learning.

In Delhi, the children are getting geared up to attend a residential Summer Institute at which they will focus on learning garnered from the year gone by and sessions that will set them up for the upcoming year. In the new academic year, the students plan to pitch ideas for sustainable change in the community to an investor panel and present a policy paper on an issue of their choice.

In Pune, Maya children are prepping for their showcase, which will be a play performed in the community using all the skills they learnt through the year – dance, drumming, capoeira and movement therapy. The play will be on problems in the community. After this, the children are all set to go on a 2 day retreat to cement and synthesize learning from the year and discuss plans for next year.


In Amdavad, the children performed their final showcase, which was a play based on Forum Theatre. It was a resounding success with children depicting problems in their community and audience members jumping in to suggest solutions. This year, the children plan to put their ideas for change into action and spread their learning to others possibly by teaching in the community.

mayaIn Hyderabad, Maya children have been performing their street play dealing with the city’s garbage problems in various communities. They had their final performance and have been asked to perform for television cameras soon.

In Chennai, the children are done with their final showcase, a Maya musical, which is contextualized to their city. It was performed on a massive scale at a government event and the children are now set to wrap up learning for the year at a retreat.

The Maya 1.0 children just finished dubbing for the Maya Cineplay and are now prepping for a retreat they will attend to understand and discuss how best they can take their journey forward and what form it will take. The Find Your Light lesson plans made from learning gleaned from Maya 1.0 has been used by Fellows across the country. It has helped them to learn how to create integrated lessons and improved values and mindsets and exposure and access in their classrooms. The lessons aided Fellows in their own growth toward personal transformation, as well.

Learning from Maya 2.0 was collected at the Maya Leader stepback and will be applied to Maya projects that will take place across the entire country next year. There will be groups of student leaders being developed in all our cities as we attempt to work towards the 10,000 Student Leaders goal!


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