6 Q’s with Summer School Coordinator Saurabh Kumar

During Institute, our new fellows undergo training while simultaneously practicing their instructional skills at Summer School sites across Pune. We caught up with our 2015 Fellow, Saurabh Kumar, who is currently spending his summer break interning as School Coordinator at the Summer School that our Pune Fellows visit. Working closely with both Program staff of Pune and the new 2016 fellows, Saurabh had a lot of interesting things to say.


How was your Year One as a fellow?
Fellowship was a rollercoaster ride, I didn’t start very strong. I had a lot of issues in school. I realized there’s only little time that I have with the kids and I needed the support from the other teachers and HM of my school. I started working to building strong relationships with these stakeholders. My HM called me up a few days back and we had a nice chat about how much better things are going at school. I’m glad to have all these invested stakeholders impacting our kids where we can leverage our collective expertise to help the kids.

What are you currently doing at Institute?
I am the school coordinator at the Pune city team’s summer school site. My role is like that of a school’s principal – to ensure that the school is conducive for student learning and that our Program Managers help support the 2016 fellows deliver excellent lessons for the kids. I am here to support everyone so they can perform their best.

How do you find the new 2016 fellows?
The new fellows have been awesome, we haven’t even seen any major hiccups at all. They’ve started really strong and I have a lot of hopes for them. Compared to my experience when I joined last year, they’re at a very strong place!

And how have the kids responded to this?
Well, I can tell you that there are classrooms delivering consistently strong lessons and we’re seeing an increase in student attendance! The fellows have done a great job creating such a strong learning environment.

How is it working with the Pune Program Team?
Pune team is such a great, very close-knit team. You don’t have to worry about failures, because you know that everyone has your back. You can say whatever you feel like and no one is going to turn it down. There’s a lot of freedom of thought and ideas. They work at a different level, I love it.
You’re now entering your second year of Fellowship, what are your plans for Year Two?
This summer, the work that I’ve done has given me a lot of insights about what my Principal does and I want to the use all the skills and knowledge I have now gained to impact my school. Not just my classroom, but for everyone – the 577 kids that study in my school. I have been thinking about in what ways I can support my Principal in operations and decision making.


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