Back to School

I had never thought that I’d stare at those long queues for registration on the first day at school, again in my life.

It had never occurred to me that ,one day,I might be baffled by coming across a bunch of 2nd graders and I’d be weighing all of my words carefully before I say it to them.

It seemed impossible to me, to walk down the paths that made me who I am, and to explore a plethora of those I’ve missed.

Even in my remotest dreams hadn’t I imagined that, one day, I’d identify those hidden fears in my first classroom and take revenge on them.

By the time I had begun doing  it finally, seventeen years had gone by and I could see all the people around me without raising my head.  :)

TFI 1st day

#First day at School
#Teaching is my Superpower


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