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Leena Bhattacharya

Leena Bhattacharya - 3 posts


Kalindi - 3 posts

After having worked in IT Industry for 12 years and still wondering how I was making a difference to people, I finally found my way to Teach For India. And now through my 26 second graders, I hope to find my light and help them shine theirs.

Suraj Katra - 3 posts

Shreya Iyengar

Shreya Iyengar - 3 posts

I read, therefore I am.

Meenakshi Gokhale

Meenakshi Gokhale - 2 posts

Meenakshi is a second year fellow teaching grade 10 in Kala Killa Municipal School, Dharavi. An architect by profession, she joined the fellowship to be able to shape young minds and do her bit in improving the country, one kid at a time.

Zeashan Ashraf

Zeashan Ashraf - 2 posts

Happy to be here! I was a 2014 fellow and my kids probably taught me a lot more than I taught them. Currently working with the Pune Development and Communications team. Obsessed with independent British music... and oreos.

Athul John - 2 posts

Anshumaan Goel

Anshumaan Goel - 2 posts

Hi, I am an Electronics & Communication Engineer from Delhi who used to work in Samsung Electronics in Korea and Delhi. I wanted to make a real impact in the society and that's why I enrolled myself in a fellowship at one of the most prestigious and hallowed organisations of the country-Teach For India. Finally, I am getting to know myself better. :)

Ruchi Anand - 2 posts