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TFI Comms Manager. Incorrigible Dreamer. Singer & Storyteller. Marketing & Branding Enthusiast. Animal Lover. Idealist Without Illusions.

Swati Agarwal

Swati Agarwal - 9 posts

I am an explorer, a reader and a writer by heart; an engineer by education; and a character builder (teacher) by profession. When not working, I am exploring. I am a hardcore human rights activist, with prime focus on Women and Child rights. I strongly believe that only a just and educated society can help us cure all our mental and physical diseases; and we must stand against any violation of human rights. I urge you to come forward and stand against any social injustice, bad practices or malice you witness or become victim of. The journey starts from taking that one step, and it will turn into a revolution one day!

Teach For India

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Aastha Singh

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Sneha Kalaivanan

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I work with Teach For India's National Communications team on content and digital marketing.

Teach For India

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