All Children Are Different

Two months ago when I entered this class I had some clue what to do in the class but had no idea how to deal with individual child with her/his unique challenges, and trust me I still am trying to figure that out. During our training, we were always told every child is unique and the problems would be different. And I couldn’t agree more as I believe everyone has an individuality. With all these thoughts, I met 14 kids on 16 July 2016 and slowly while interacting with them I realized how different they were from each other, though one thing in common, they had lots of expectations in their eyes and the energy levels with which they welcomed me was great and filled that dark room with positivity (the room I met them first time did not have sufficient light).

Where one kid could not identify a 2-letter word properly, the other had problems in addition and subtraction. Also, there were/are some behavioral issues, few have been super active while few always need a push to participate and that’s just a human behavior I feel,where few are introverts and few are extroverts,the real problem is with few kids who are extroverts in all other matters but when it comes to discuss about studies they would run away.IMG-20160815-WA0031

One such kid is Naeem. He is usually super active in participating but whenever I try to talk to him about his studies, he would find some reasons and try to change the topic or smile and hide himself. This also made him interact less with me and share less. I slowly realized the only way to make him open to me was to talk to him about something he liked,he admired. So, I tried to talk to him about everything but studies. I shared my daily life activities with him and he would smile and enjoy (at least I felt so). One day I asked him if he wanted to share something, he shook his head and I thought all my efforts went into vain.

Then next day, he handed me a small note. I started reading it and he took away the note. Seconds later he wrote something and returned it, which said “This is for you, read after school” (written on the back side of the note). I kept it in my bag, promised him to read only when I reach home. And after that day, he came to me to ask many doubts about Math, RC. I know he’s still not fully interested in studies, but his efforts just make me believe that there is a hope and we just need to try. Every child is special and they look for nothing but special treatment. :) This I believe is the beauty of communication, sometimes all a kid wants is someone who can listen to them without judging them.

I wish what Naeem did, all my kids, all the kids in the world do..”Just Try Once”.



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